Uk-ID Questions

Answers to common questions to buy UK fake ids from UK-ID

Turn around time for your UK fake ID order?

We complete and post your order in approximately 3-5 days of receiving payment. We work 7 days a week and only take off major holidays. Expect your order to arrive around 7-10 days from the time we post it for those in the UK (Outside of the UK allow a few extra days).

We ship via Royal Mail First Class or Royal Mail Signature Required. This is your choice on the order form, if you want to sign for it, or not. When you choose not to sign for it, then we can not track it, and not responsible for delivery once shipped. It is extremely rare that we have issue with orders not tracked.

While we claim no responsibility for delivery of non-tracked shipments. By chance the post were to lose your order we will do one remake. This time with signature required to the same address you provided on the form. We want every customer to receive their order, so remaking IDs for a rare issue not of the customers fault, is the right thing to do. After shipment, if you do not contact UK-ID within 30 days of any issue, your information is permanently deleted, and order is considered completed.

Your UK fake ID cardholder photo?

The better quality of your photo, the better it will look on your UK fake id card. Your goal is to replicate an image taken as if you were at the DVLA.

What we will do:

  • Resize the cardholder image
  • Crop cardholder image
  • Removal of cardholder background
  • Correct “red eye” when present
  • Cardholder image is laser printed automatically changed from color

What you can do to ensure you provide a quality replicated DVLA cardholder image for your UK fake id.

  • Flatten hair down as much as possible
  • Use solid color flat background (preferably white in color)
  • Ensure your clothing is in contrast to your background
  • Stand and look straight into the camera
  • Good office type lighting with flash on
  • Ensure face is a solid tone with no shadows or bright shine
  • Leave space around image do not crop it
  • Enure to include from mid chest to above head
  • No glasses on face
  • No hair covering the face

Our website is mobile friendly, so you can order via your mobile device and upload the cardholder image without issue.

Who is

Seeking a quality UK licence online, coming up short by finding only scams, or useless student and international cards that are not accepted anywhere, we knew we could do better. UK-ID began 7 years ago and grown into a dedicated team of fake id makers.

UK-ID is proud to be listed on the few reputable fake id review boards that have been online for over 15 years and! Unfortunately, nobody does whois searches to see just how long a review site has been online for. This allows ID makers to simply create their own review sites and deceive the public with fairy tale reviews.

Terms Of Purchase?

We will not issue a refund under any circumstances once your UK fake id has been printed. When we have yet to print and for whatever reason you decide to cancel please contact us asap. We will not process your Steam Code payment or will refund your bitcoin. We will remake free of charge any fake id where we are in error (grammatical error other than what you put on the form or any printing defect). We do double check every fake id before it is shipped, so remakes are very rare. We want you to be happy above all and recommend us to trusted friends.