UK Fake ID

UK fake driving licences made by UK-ID are identical vs real issued

UK fake id driving licence made by UK-ID.
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When you buy a UK fake ID we edit out your image background and resize. Please provide a color cardholder image. Our printer software with template will laser burn the cardholder image onto the polycarbonate card. Further customized with your desired information and signature.

UK fake id license card backside.

We use the newest laser card printers for polycarbonate card material. Our UK fake id template is created 100% by UK-ID and based on a real DVLA issued licence in hand. Every security feature is cloned and identical to real including placement vs a real issued licence. Raised tactile microprint pattern positioned horizontally across the center of the card and over the British flag. You can feel the laser raised designs when finger is run across the tactile security feature locations on the card. Surname, category entitlement, and expiration date overlapping main cardholder image are all laser raised tactile.

Your signature is captured on the order form and sized to fit in the exact designated area. Hologram consists of a wheel image with odometer using optically variable ink (OVI). Design changes from silver to gold when card is titled back and forth.

UK fake id UV design glows under blacklight.

UK fake ID backside is as an absolute flawless replication. Within the egg shaped lens two different images appear to change when viewed at different angles. This is accomplished during printing on two of the multiple layers of polycarbonate sheets that make up the card. One layer to print the cardholder ghost image and another layer for the card expiration.

UK-ID is the only website capable of replicating this and every security feature correctly. Raised tactile pattern positioned horizontally across the centre of the card same as a real UK ID. The number identifier for each field is raised. This too can be felt when you run your finger across the card and can be seen when viewed at an angle. Bottom right hand corner number is a 10 digit alphanumeric character set and is unique to every card.

UK fake id backside UV design glows under blacklight.

See more details by clicking the image below of our UK fake ids with replicated laser tactile raised design.

UK fake id tactile design is raised above the surface of the driving license.