Scannable UK Fake ID

We are often asked are your UK fake ids scannable?

Fake ID Scanner
UK-ID scannable fake id passes UK scanners every time.

Yes, UK-ID scannable fake ids will pass all scanning machines in the UK. In addition, we have tested at different nightclubs that deploy the “best” and most widely used scanner systems. Equally important, the scanners are not linked to the DVLA database, but only to their own central spy databases. Moreover, patrons who allow their identification to be scanned the data is captured and hoarded indefinitely.

By and large ID cards and driving licences around the world feature magnetic stripes, barcodes, or chips that can be scanned. Comparatively, real UK driving licences and identification cards do not include any of these features. Likewise, nor does the UK fake id cards we make.

In fact, more importantly than our fake IDs passing these scanners is what the scanner systems are really about. They are designed to steal your data not to mention your image too. Equally important the establishment is then free to market, sell, or do whatever they please with your private information.

As a matter of fact, it gets even worse! Generally speaking lets say you are in a bit of trouble, the Fuzz is looking for you, and they know you frequent nightclubs in the area. Scanner companies together with the Bizzies routinely work together and will enter your information in their system on request. Given these points above you enter a pub or nightclub that uses a scanner will then trigger a set alert. To summarize, imagine enjoying a drink, the next thing you know, you are being dragged out in handcuffs. In short, Orwellian times are here!

What more can happen when your id card is scanned?

UK Scannable Fake ID
UK-ID made fake id passes expert review and any pub or nightclub that scan IDs.

When you try the old trick of giving your ID card once you are in to a younger friend outside to use will no longer work.

In light of the identification card being scanned again for your friend. The scanner software will pull up the time the id card was last used to enter and set off a flag.

Not to mention when the scanner system is hooked up to the point of sale system as many are now. The nightclub then knows how much you spend and what you drink. Moreover, they know when you still have an open tab going and an alert will go off, if your ID is being used again to enter when you should already be inside the establishment.

Want even more ID scanner facts?

Did you get kicked out of a nightclub anywhere in the UK that scans your id card prior to entering? Maybe for a fight defending against a drunk jerk who harassed your girlfriend or even a mild disagreement with a staff of the nightclub that took it personally? How about just having a night out with the girls. You turned down the bartender hitting on you by not giving out your number.

In fact, any of the above actions could be a big mistake and you could pay for it!

Week later you go with some friends out to a local bar, or nightclub, and they scan your id. Security tells you to get lost, you are not welcome, of course you have no clue why.

That is the joy of embarrassment with the banned feature that alerts every establishment using the same scanner system to not allow you in. Additionally, there is no way to dispute or remove the ban. Don’t you just love that people that are there to serve you can now play god with limiting your locations for a night out?

Caring about stopping underage drinkers with fake ids is just a ruse. Scanners are a marketing tool that steals your privacy and ripe for further abuse. Care about your privacy and tell others to do so!

All things considered take a stand and use social media to spread the true facts boycotting establishments using scanners. This would have the pubs removing scanners in a few weeks when sales tank. In summery, we know nobody will make a stand and your privacy will continue to erode, but at least we warned you.

Here is a link to an article on this subject albeit a few years old. Discussing more concerns and questioning the legality of privacy rights of nightclubs using these scanners across the UK.