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Opening a free Bitcoin wallet and funding it with many payment options from credit cards to bank transfer is easy. Many sites offer apps that provide a wallet when you sign up and then easy was to attach your preferred funding to the wallet. lists 25 of the best websites to easily get set up with a funded Bitcoin wallet in the UK.

NOTE: After each order form is submitted you will receive an auto email by our order system that includes our Bitcoin wallet number. Email also includes your UK-ID Order Form Number for the order form you just submitted.

Once your Bitcoin account is funded proceed to the order form below to buy your UK fake ids in 3 easy steps.

  1. Submit an order form for each UK fake id you want to buy.
  2. Next, make payment from your Bitcoin wallet to UK-ID’s Bitcoin wallet account number.
  3. After sending your Bitcoin payment visit the payment confirmation form to confirm payment was sent and provide your UKID form Number(s) you want made.

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